A Kentucky Man Claims He Was Punished At Work For Not Having An Exorcism

[WDRB] - A Kentucky man claims his employer, the manager of a Hampton Inn in Hazard, punished him for not submitting to an exorcism and failing to fill out a form asking questions about his religious beliefs and sexual habits.

In a religious discrimination lawsuit, Leslie County resident Jason Fields claims he was harassed shortly after being hired as a front desk employee in June 2016 when his manager, Sharon Lindon, found out he was getting divorced.

Lindon, according to the suit filed March 21 in Perry Circuit Court, told Fields she was a member of Common Bond Christian Fellowship Ministries in Hazard and that the reason “for his marital problems was that he had demons.”

There are a couple of things I feel like I could blog every day with a new story. One is Charles Barkley/Inside the NBA on TNT. There’s always some moment on there that gives us content. The second is some bizarre story from Kentucky. Now, I want it known I’m not from Kentucky nor do I live in Kentucky right now. I happened to spend 4 glorious years there and know a bunch of people from/still there.

That said. What a batshit crazy state. I love it.

Here’s the thing. If someone told me I needed an exorcism AND tried to push me to one, I sort of feel like I want/should go through with it? What’s the worst that can happen here? Clearly they sort of know something, right? They can’t be THAT crazy if they are trying to push me to get an exorcism.

Here’s the thing though. This is just peak Hazard, Kentucky. This is eastern Kentucky. That part of the state is by far one of the weirdest and craziest places in the country. It’s also the heart of the Bible Belt. Seriously, I remember when Kentucky could start selling alcohol on Sunday’s. What an experience that was.

But look at the reasons for this exorcism. Dude gets divorced. That happens all the time. Must be the demons that infiltrated people to cause the divorce. I love that reasoning. That just shows how ass backward this area is.

I love some of the questions. There appears to be about 30 of them. But, these two?

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Uh, yeah, man. That’s the point of porn. To frequently masturbate and to jerk off to things you like. That’s just common sense. If we need exorcisms for that then the line is going to be wrapped around the corner.