Guy Settles For $1,500 After Shower Gel Took A Layer Of Skin Off His Junk

Daily NewsA British man suffered severe burns to his private parts after using a cheap shower gel. Raymond Cuss, 42, was left screaming in agony after the $1.50 Dettol-brand liquid soap ripped a layer of skin from his genitals — leaving his penis and testicles glowing bright red. The self-employed carpet cleaner found it difficult putting on underwear, “doubled over” even when material just lightly brushed past the area and had trouble sleeping. It was only after a month of applying moisturizer that the Gosport, England, resident felt any relief. Cuss, who bought the gel from a 99-pence Stores shop, was handed a roughly $1,550 out-of-court settlement this week. The chain’s suppliers, Kans & Kandy Wholesale Ltd., agreed to cover the cost of any payout related to its product, reports the Portsmouth News. Bosses at the chain, however, claim the product is safe and that Cuss could have suffered the reaction when the chemicals he used at his job reacted with the product.

I just have one question for Raymond. What’s his drug of choice? Is it meth? Smack? A debilitating addiction is the only way this story makes any sense. I could see getting $1500 for your dick skin being the luckiest day ever for a crack head. Might as well be Mega Millions. But if you’re not Tyrone Biggums, you’re kinda selling yourself short. You can’t put any pants on bro. No fucking, no beating off, no shaking after you pee or sleeping on your stomach. Being shacked up at your apartment for a month lotioning your skinless cock is worth way more than fifty bucks a day. KFC makes more than that doing the same thing and his dick is in good health (allegedly).