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The Lakers Are Afraid Of Hiring Ty Lue Because That Would Give LeBron "Too Much Control"

Marc Stein reported in his New York Times Newsletter that Monty Williams has a “stronger-than-expected” chance at the job because “some in the Lakers’ organization may fear hiring Lue would be giving LeBron too much control.”

Let’s not beat around the bush here. If the Lakers hire Ty Lue, it will be for one reason and one reason only: LeBron James told them to. LeBron James thinks he is bigger than the game of basketball. I don’t care if John Wooden were out there drawing up the Xs and Os, LeBron James would undermine him and throw him under the bus at the first sign of adversity. He wants someone he can walk all over and bully and blame. And for that, there’s no one in the business better than Ty Lue. He is the most experienced in the position, too, seeing as he spent two and a half years being LeBron’s punching bag. And while some people might think that job sucks, you gotta remember the payoff for Ty Lue is that he’ll get paid tens of millions of dollars to stand there and look like a big dumb idiot.

The Lakers said they weren’t going to be Cleveland!!! Well, that was their former GM Magic Johnson’s plan. LeBron already forced him out of the profession. So maybe Jeanie Buss wants to emulate the Cavs model? Wouldn’t be a bad idea, honestly. The Cavs made the Finals every single year in LeBron’s 2nd stint. And to Lakers fans, you have to make the playoffs to have a chance to make the Finals.


What a sad year this has been for LeBron’s legacy. He was going to be known as the man that went home and brought a championship to Cleveland. Now he’s going to be known as the man who killed the once proud Lakers organization. Well, they aren’t dead just yet. They still have hope, but they need change. They need a leader. They need a real coach. But LeBron doesn’t play for real coaches….and real coaches don’t want to coach LeBron. He’s a coach killer. And it’s a shame to see that Monty Williams appears to be the new front-runner for the job. He’s a good guy. He doesn’t deserve this.


He’s a coach killer! LeBron has 2 years and a player option left on his contract in LA before becoming a free agent again for The Decision Part 3. How many more franchises does he need to leave in a worse place then when he arrived before people stop courting him like he’s Michael Jordan or something? LeBron James turns every organization he goes to into a circus. A cartoon. Which honestly isn’t that bad for him, seeing as cartoons are the only teammates he can get these days.


0-6 without LeBron.