Martin Jones Wasn't Available For The Media Last Night Because The Sharks "Couldn't Find Him"

Live look at Martin Jones after the game last night

Running home as fast as he can and you know what…I bet the Sharks are hoping they never find him so they can get out of his contract. Jones is 29, he stinks, and he’s signed for 5 more years at $5.75M AAV…not ideal. Martin Jones isn’t alone though. The wheels have completely fallen off for the Sharks. Down 3-1 and absolutely HOUSED last night in Vegas. It’s deeper than that though. We are watching the mental collapse of a team right before our eyes. Started earlier in the series with Thornton getting himself suspended with a completely stupid and gutless elbow

Followed by Evander Kane dropping them with Ryan Reaves

I’m a big believer in the thought that it doesn’t matter if you win a hockey fight as long as you answer the bell. Kane certainly answered the bell and should’ve left it at that. He couldn’t.

I mean I watched that fight 4 or 5 times and I saw plenty of punches landed. Not a good look to get ragdolled by someone who you say is a muffin man. Then…Evander went ahead and got himself kicked out of the game last night

Sharks weren’t done with the cheap shots though

I think this is it. I think Vegas has killed the San Jose Sharks as we know them for good. They’ve been one of the best organizations in the NHL for the last 20 years, but now…they’re toast. They got old in a hurry and I think everyone realizes that this was their last best chance for a Cup run with this group and they aren’t handling the disappointment well. Can’t get over the hump. Permenant playoff stink attached to this group. This is what I said about them roughly a month ago

This is the kind of stink that is around for so long that you don’t even notice it anymore. Then someone comes over and is like WHOA THIS PLACE SMELLS LIKE ASS. That is the Sharks. They’ve only missed the playoffs once since 2003 and they’ve been to the Stanley Cup Final exactly one time in that span…and in their franchise history. The Sharks are regular season gangsters and a model franchise. Sometimes you just run into bad luck when you’re peaking as an organization. The Sharks being a top team in the West when the top teams were the Blackhawks and Kings was bad timing and a bit of bad luck. That doesn’t change the stigma attached to having great teams that can’t get over the hump. They added to this group with Karlsson and Evander Kane the past couple years. Trying desperately to get the job done, but time is really running out. Joe Thornton is 39, Pavelski is 34, Logan Courture is turning 30, Brett Burns…34, Vlasic 31, and Erik Karlsson is a UFA. Feels like now or never for the Sharks.

It’s probably time to strip it down and try again. And if the Sharks do decide to do that and let the old guard and Karlsson walk this summer they’ll have over 20 million dollars in cap space to play with. Sad to see, but the once solid to pretty good Sharks have died. RIP