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Trevor Rosenthal Lowered His ERA Last Night Another 30 Points, Down To 40.50 #SingleDigitHunting

The Trevor Rosenthal saga is one of my favorite baseball stories to watch right now. As you might recall, it took him 5 games to record his first out, as his ERA stood at a firm infinity.

But then, magic. He recorded some outs and lowered his infinity ERA down to a respectable 72.00.

And now we are officially #SingleDigitHunting.

It won’t be easy. Nay. But much like a very fat man, his ERA is so large that the numbers are just melting off. He gave up an earned run last night and still dropped 30 points off his ERA. And that’s gotta give him a confidence boost.

And now I’m here to watch his full redemption story. To watch this come full circle. I need him to become a shut down reliever again. To completely dominate. Imagine in October Rosenthal comes in and strikes out the side in a meaningful game? After this start? Would be one of those sports stories that sticks with us forever. I’m rooting so hard for him.