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Introducing the Scroguard. The One and Only Condom Thong for Your Dong (NSFWish)

How has it taken this long for the Scroguard to be invented? Men have been complaining for ages now that there are no condom diapers so I’m kind of disappointed that our demands haven’t been answered until 2014. That being said, our wait is over and we can finally rejoice. Nothing makes me feel more confident in a product than an official infomercial going full Taiwanese animation on us. Things might get a little tricky when you have to explain to a girl that you think she’s such a dirty little whore that you need to use full-frontal protection, but that’s a bridge that you can just wait to cross when you get to it. Regardless, the fact that the Scroguard is only $19.99, and both washable and portable makes this the investment of a lifetime. Can’t imagine any scenario playing out with the Scroguard that doesn’t end in automatic best sex of your life.

P.S. – Send out the Smoke Patrol.