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Jamal Murray Is A Goddamn Flame Thrower

First three quarters for Jamal Murray: 3 points on 0/8 from the field. Spurs led by 19.

Fourth quarter for Jamal Murray: 21 points on 8/9 from the field. Nuggets win by NINE, cover -7, and tie up the series they were very much in danger of letting get away from them.

Jamal Murray is a goddamn flame thrower when he’s in the zone and he absolutely carried the Nuggets to their first playoff win in a helluva long time. I’m not too worried about what this means for the Spurs, since they’re the goddamn Spurs and incapable of feeling emotions or letting one game have any lingering impact onto the next, but this was a MASSIVE win for Denver. They couldn’t go to San Antonio down 0-2 and expect anything more than one token win and an embarrassing exit from the playoffs after an incredibly promising regular season. Thanks to Jamal Murray they don’t have to worry about that. 1-1 headed to San Antonio isn’t perfect but they’ll take it after how grim things looked 30 minutes ago.