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Orioles Prospect, Ryan Mountcasle, Absolutely Smokes A Fan In The Chest With This Home Run
Imagine being at a minor league game in Norfolk, Virginia and you're standing in line waiting to pay $11.50 for some chicken tenders and $8.50 for a coke. You turn to get your wallet out of your pocket and you get absolutely SMOKED in the chest by one of the best power hitters in the Orioles organization. This fan just learned the hard way that Ryan Mountcastle doesn't hit cheap home runs. I mean he took that thing right in the numbers and bit it. My man fell down, legs straight up in the air and everything. Knocked over the line sign too, completely obliterated by that ball.
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 8.55.26 PM
And how about the cop right there? The guy is trying to remake the "VIVA" sign using his legs as the "V" and the cop couldn't care less, guy is on the phone! And his friends don't seem to worried, just watching as he smacks his head off the pavement. Maybe the best part of it all is the fan SPRINTING to get the home run ball. The kid does the Allen Iverson step over the guy. He could be dead for all that kid knows, but he doesn't care, he's got a Mountcastle home run that he's gonna put up on eBay in a few minutes.
I do hope the kid is okay, but holy shit this is a laugh out loud video. The legs flying up may be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Bet that kid keeps his head on a swivel the next time he's out at the ballpark.
Cue the Happy Gilmore video.