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Knockouts And Major Pain Are Coming With The Shizzat The Rizzat (2-0) Vs Nighty Night (2-0)

Two all-time fighters and quite possibly the best knockout artists Rough N Rowdy has ever seen. Shizzat and Nighty Night have proved themselves to be in a class all their own time and time again. The Rizzat is actually my favorite fighter ever. The perfect amount of cocky but backing it up.

Only one of them will be able to cement their legacy on Friday night. If you need a refresher on who Shizzat is well, take a look y’all…

He delivered the #1 KO in RnR history back in Morgantown and has strutted his stuff to victory every time he’s stepped into ring. But so has Nighty Night Woodruff.

The military man who puts dicks in the dirt guaranteed and always packs some extra melatonin.

It’s a straight up pick em but whoever wins will have more than earned it no doubt. The majority of our 7 Main Events are returning fighters and these brawlers are coming for blood. By ANY means necessary.

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