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It Sure As Shit Looks Like Both Kevin Durant And Klay Thompson Are Leaving Golden State

Given everything that happened on Sunday I can’t say I saw this 60 minutes special live, I was a little drunk off Celtics Kool Aid and the sound of that ticker always triggers me a little bit, but man I wish I had. Watch that video and tell me the faces of both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson don’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen this summer in free agency? Remember, this is before the epic collapse we just witnessed to the Clippers which many are saying is more ammunition for the Warriors dynasty to finally fracture.

You watch that video and what do you see? You see Iggy laugh it up, a guy that has certainly been around and knows what life is like on the other side, but also a guy with a fully guaranteed $17M contract for next season to stay in GS. Then you have Curry, you know the franchise’s most important player and current owner of a $200M extension. Of course he’s going to have that reaction of playing somewhere else because he’ll never have to worry about that. The key to me is Shaun Livingston because his situation is a little different. He’s a player that only has $2M of his $7.6M guaranteed for next season, but we hear him talk all the time about how it’s basically either GS or maybe even retirement. He’s another guy that’s bounced around and knows how good he has it. I think it’s very telling that the three guys who are either locked in or talked about how GS is where they want to be seem to find this topic very funny, and yet the only two people who have stone cold reactions just so happen to be the two guys who are being rumored to be leaving once July 1st rolls around.

Just look at their faces. No smile, no eye contact, nothing. Does Kevin Durant look like a guy who thinks it’d be silly to ever leave the Warriors? Or does he look like a person who just wants to move past this part of the interview because the truth is a giant elephant in the room. Then you have Klay, with his legs getting restless, he’s looking everywhere but at his teammates with the exact same sort of awkward reaction as Durant. I know this is a silly excercise of overanalyzing a random clip from a random interview, but come on use your eyeballs. These two are basically telling us everything we need to know without saying a word. Now if you’re a Warriors fan I’m sure you’ll try and spinzone this, but for the rest of us who don’t really care if this team sticks together, I say remember this clip once the summer rolls around and we get a Shams/Woj bomb involving both of these dudes.

How would I best describe what we saw in that video? Well I think Magic said it best….