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I Bet You 20 Bucks Jussie Smollett Isn't Laughing This Hard After Losing His Lead Role On Broadway

Daily Mail – Jussie Smollett’s future career prospects could be in jeopardy despite the actor managing to avoid criminal charges for allegedly lying about a hate crime attack. Multiple sources tell that Smollett has been cut from the upcoming Broadway revival of the 2003 Tony-winning play Take Me Out.

He faced 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for making a false report, but the case against him was unexpectedly dropped last month by the State’s Attorney’s Office. Smollett denied the charges. But it appears his career could have been damaged, even as he faces a lawsuit after refusing to pay $130,106 worth of overtime accrued by police investigating the incident.

‘Everyone was so supportive after the attack and then suddenly, everything shifted,’ said a source.

Another source close to the production reiterated this, and said that the events of the last few months have left them in shock.

‘Here is a kid who is on a hit television show, has made a name for himself, and gets the chance of a lifetime,’ said that source.

‘He would have come off the sixth season of Empire and kicked off the next leg of his career with a role on Broadway. And not just that, the lead role in one of the best plays of the century in his Broadway debut.’

That source then added: ‘Why on earth would someone throw that all away.

I’ll tell you why someone on earth would throw it all away – when you’ve got the optimal balance between egotistical jagoff and mindless idiot, you get people like Jussie Smollett. People who waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of time, drag world class cities like Chicago through the international media mud, corrupting their justice system in the process all to get a raise he could have earned if he just hired a decent agent.

In other words, you throw it away because you’re an awful, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person like Jussie Smollett.

Normally we don’t advocate for people losing their jobs at Barstool. In fact it’s quite the opposite

In this case it’s much different because it’s much easier to hate Jussie Smollett. In fact, I’d go on record to say he’s the most-hated person in recent Chicago history that didn’t commit a violent crime. So weed out all those people and I’m positive you’d have Jussie Smollett in a league of his own and rightfully so. He’s a terrible person. LOOK AT HIM YELLING

He should be sitting in a Cook County jail cell repenting and repaying society for his gross sins. Instead he’s lounging in Hawaii (convenient) getting fired from the last jobs he’ll ever have, getting into public cat fights about trust and honesty. It’s obvious he’s demonstrating a clear pattern of behavior that can only be rehabilitated in cold hard time behind bars. But we’ll never get that because Cook County was more interested in retaining its global lore as the most corrupt government entity of any size in naturalized western civilization. So we have to take what we can get with this asshole and enjoy it, like knowing that he’s missing out on what experts are describing as a career defining opportunity to go on Broadway.

Good. Fuck him.

PS – Shoutout to one of the attackers for recently winning Gold Gloves. He’s obviously the kind of guy that would attack you with half gallon of bleach.