Call The Police: Aaron Judge and His Teammates Had GIRLS (FEMALES) At Their Table Last Night

I, for one, am offended. You mean to tell me, Aaron Judge and some teammates had GIRLS at their table last night at a club? WOMEN? FEMALES?!??! What about the children? Just going to forget about them? This is a tough look I’ve got to say. They say the bright lights really do change people, but I didn’t want to believe it. It looks like Aaron Judge is not immune to that. Damn.


I can’t tell what’s worse. Judge and the guys going to a club with girls or Judge going to dinner with a girl last year when he had a broken wrist.

Two actions that many would be thrown in jail for normally. Luckily Judge is  superstar athlete and can get away with such erroneous actions.

Real talk: I fucking hate the New York media. Leave my king alone.