Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Watching Star Wars Fans Reacting To The Episode IX Trailer Unveiling


Last night, before I went to sleep, I just typed “Star Wars Celebration” into YouTube’s search bar and clicked ‘Enter’.

Sure, the Celebration was over, but that wasn’t gonna stop me from celebrating, and reminiscing on the all time weekend that was had – so I fell down the rabbit hole Sarlacc Pit of videos available, and pretty much sobbed at each and every one. None got me as good as the above video from IGN did, though, as they threw a camera on the Celebration floor for the ‘Rise of Skywalker’ trailer reveal, and captured thousands of Star Wars fans at their absolute habitat.

For these people – my people – Star Wars is more than a silly little movie franchise. It’s our lives, our memories, our families, our religion, our futures, our everything! So to get our first glimpse of the final installment to the Skywalker Saga together, at Celebration, meant so much to me and everybody else fortunate enough to be there. I mean, hell, we all felt comfortable enough to laugh, cry, cheer, scream, and even fuckin’ hug each other! Look at everyone reacting like they’re in a European soccer bar and their team just scored! Just because the trailer/title lived up to its hype! Amazing.

My reaction is below, in case you missed it…