WHAT. A. DAY. Greg Bird is gone. His Yankees career is more than likely over. Mike Ford is here. It’s all happening.

I literally tweeted this into existence yesterday and it happened less than 24 hours later. I feel like someone shot adrenaline into my heart.

Now don’t spin this into rooting for injuries. We have enough injuries as it is. BUT….Greg Bird needed to go. He’s probably not even hurt. I’ve told you guys for years about this fucking guy. He is the bane of my existence. He hit one home run in the 2017 ALDS and people knighted him as the king of the world. I’ll admit it was a big home run, but since then all he’s done is get hurt and hit .200. He is one of the bigger disappointments in recent Yankees history. He is the WORST. Actually he’s not the worst. The people who are the worst are the Greg Bird apologists. You know who you are. You are the worst people on Earth. They find different ways to give him chances and it’s honestly impressive. Every spring he goes off, they get dragged back into false belief, and by May he’s a dumpster fire. This year he tried to take my friend Luke Voit’s job. I wasn’t having any of it. He failed, obviously. Chris Davis started the year 0 for 1000 and now only trails Bird by 2 hits on the season. That’s actually insane. Now Bird has a torn plantar fascia in his foot or whatever they made up this time. He’s gone. The wicked witch of the east is gone.

So who is Mike Ford? He is the son of two doctors. He was born on the 4th of July. He’s been in the minors since 2013 and has been grinding his dick off to get this call. This year in AAA he was MASHING. Before his 0-5 last night slashing .471/.525/1.029 with 5 bombs and 14 RBIs. Obviously that won’t translate to the majors, but he literally cannot do worse than Greg Bird. Gio Gonzalez was recently asked about Vlad Jr and he said he shouldn’t be in the minors anymore, but before a reporter could ask a follow up question he went on about Mike Ford and how he is “ghost pepper” hot and needs to be in the big leagues. It’s also worth mentioning he’s a huge stoolie. There had to be moments where Ford didn’t believe he’d ever get the call. You have to feel amazing for the guy. He deserves this shot.

As far as I’m concerned the Yankees are undefeated this year when Greg Bird is not on the 25 man roster. Yankees Red Sox tonight. Carrabis and I will be there. Let’s start the season.