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Geno Smith Fired His Agent Because He Wasn't Drafted #1 Overall

NYDNFour days after Geno Smith slid out of the first round of the draft, the former West Virginia quarterback fired his agents due to his displeasure over his draft position, according to sources. The Daily News has learned that Smith thought that he would and should be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Sources told the News that Smith’s agents from Select Sports Group gave him no assurance of his draft position. The Jets drafted Smith, who was atop Gang Green’s quarterback rankings, with the eighth pick in the second round (39th overall), which didn’t sit well with him. Smith can’t hire another agent for five days. Despite Smith’s draft position, new general manager John Idzik made it clear that he still believes the rookie will be under the microscope. “If you’re a first-round quarterback—first-round any position – the spotlight is a little bit brighter,” Idzik said on ESPN radio’s Mike & Mike show on Tuesday morning. “Him coming in as a second rounder, perhaps it’s a little dim, but being that he’s in the New York market, he’s at a high profile position, I think he’s going to be center stage regardless.”

Hey I’d fire my agent too. Not only did I slip out of the first round but I also ended up on the New York Jets. Like hey thanks a lot, Select Sports! My fucking career is over before it even started! I’d rather be drafted by the US military than drafted by the fucking Jets. Now I can’t imagine Geno Smith has any other discernible talents but if I was drafted by Idzik and Rex I’d probably politely decline. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m gonna go sell insurance or something for a year. Am I allowed to come back next year and try again for a new team? Is that allowed? If so that sounds like a smarter plan than to go play with a lame duck coach and 5 different QBs.

Of course Geno is saying he didn’t fire his agent because of the draft, but lets be serious here. You end up falling to the 39th pick into one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the world you’re not exactly thrilled with your agency’s performance. Question is, how bad does Geno wanna be signed by Jay Z right now? You know he’s probably begging to get a phone call from Hov. Don’t hold your breath, Geno.