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First Ballot Hall Of Fame Smokeshow Salma Hayek & Her Billionaire Husband Pledge $100 Million To Help Rebuild Notre Dame


Salma Hayek is so hot you could be the billionaire Gucci owner and people would still be like oh that’s the guy married to Salma Hayek every time you walk into a room. Just an ALL TIME rocket:

Evening Standard Theatre Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals
Kering And Cannes Film Festival Official Dinner - Photocall - At The 71st Cannes Film Festival\ TCA July 2003 Cable Press Tour - Arrivals - Day 2



Like Nolan Ryan still throwing 98+ with the Rangers in the early 90s

Anyways turns out her husband has a lot of money (like 31 billion dollars to be specific) and he’s giving a large piece of it to rebuild Notre Dame after this:


Doing the math, he’s really only giving away about 0.3% of his total wealth. (100,000,000/31,000,000,000) YAWN. Call me when he’s got 120% of his bankroll riding on a Denver Nuggets 2nd half parlay. That’s splashing the pot.

Giving $100M when you have 31,000 bags of $100M on the other hand is just a fancy pants PR stunt to get out from all the insecurity that comes with being Salma Hayek’s husband. Nice gesture,. sure. But at the end of the day this guy could cure cancer and he’d still just be the guy married to her

Sucks to be that guy huh