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This Les Miles And Bill Self Step Brothers Spoof Is So Awkward That It's Impossible Not To Watch

I’d be lying to you if I said I haven’t watched it 5 times. It’s not because I think it’s awesome. It’s because it’s so damn awkward it’s so hilarious. I mean Les Miles being back is awesome. The fact he’s in Kansas with Bill Self makes it even more hilarious. Just think about where Les Miles was and now Kansas.

But, really it’s Bill Self and the whole Andrew Wiggins thing that makes me laugh with the unintentional humor. He starts with ‘Andrew Wiggins, No. 1 overall pick’ and then a long pause. Like, okay, what else is there. He follows it up with ‘Joel Embiid, No. 3 pick, All-Star.’ He’s very proud about that. Might as well just said ‘Andrew Wiggins, not really good at anything, but boy we fooled the NBA Draft.’

But, here’s the thing. Les Miles was going to be an actor when he wasn’t coaching. It’s a good thing he’s back coaching, because he’s very subpar at acting:

I will say though the ‘favorite rapper from Florida’ line got me. I know they are promoting him for their show, but still. I chuckled.