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Pro-Tip: Don't Bring Pot With You To Court When You're On Trial For Marijuana Possession

richardthompson – Port Authority police on Thursday arrested a man who brought marijuana to the borough court — where he was scheduled to appear on charges including marijuana possession, the agency said. Richard Thompson, 32, of Stamford, Connecticut, showed up at court around 10:20 a.m. with a backpack, according to police spokesman Joe Pentangelo. As part of standard security screenings, officials opened the bag and discovered less than 50 grams of marijuana inside.

That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him. Listen, I don’t think of myself as overly intellectual. I’m a pretty smart guy, sure, but I don’t have a brain that will ever come up with anything revolutionary. But I’m pretty sure that if you’re going to court facing charges of marijuana possession, having 50 grams of marijuana on your person (really teetering between that line of misdemeanor and felony) isn’t exactly the smartest idea. And I get it. Richard Thompson loves to smoke weed. Nothing against him on that unless he’s one of those guys who literally all he talks about is smoking weed. In that case, he sucks. But I’m spit-balling here real quick so bear with me on this one, what if he just didn’t bring pot with him to the court? Would that make sense? I don’t really know, I’ve never been in his situation before but I feel like that would make a little bit of sense. Like just take your fine and worst-case-scenario possible month or so in prison, and then be done with it. And then you have 50 grams waiting for you at home when you get released. Doubling down on everything right in the judge’s face just seems pretty ill-advised but what do I know? I’m just a doctor.