NHL FanDuel Tomorrow


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So I pushed FanDuel to do an NHL tournament this week.  They looked at me like I had 9 heads.  Like you want to an NHL tournament over the NBA?   What are you some type of lunatic?   I was like nope.  Believe or not hockey is the most popular sport in the world in Boston.    They still don’t believe me, but when Pageviews says something people listen so here we go.  And yes I tried to fit as many of our NHL stoolies on my squad as possible.  Only guy who got cut was Patrick Sharpe because he was way to expensive so Nose Face got the nod over him.

1.      $2,000 in total prizes, $600 for first place.

2.      89 spots, prizes to 9th place.

3.      $25 to enter, up to five entries allowed.

4.      Tournament starts at 7pm EST on Saturday. Payouts occur after games end.


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