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The Time Smitty Strolled Into To A Stereotypical Barbershop To Get A Haircut

So I needed to get the ears lowerd last week and from my previous experiences it was evident we needed to switch it up. I’m usually one of those naive, mall salon douchebags. In and out in 20 min for $20 with no regard for appearance or life, and I’ve had enough.

Initially we decided to branch out a little and find a place as closest to the movie Barbershop as possible. Not necessary a predominately black barbershop, just a spot where you can shoot the shit, get a good cut and have a better time. And unless society and Coming To America have proven me wrong, these places are where it’s at. We settled on a quaint little shop called Maximillian’s Gentleman’s Quarters Barber’s Parlor, and I wasn’t disappointed.


Haircut – Look good, feel good, play good. And I’m performing on all levels right now. A

Experience – No hot towel, but no problem. Great overall atmosphere. B+

Banter – If your barber is dropping sports references left and right you’ve got it made in the shade A+
In all honesty, it was one of the best haircuts I’ve had in a long time, if ever. Check out Maximillian’s Gentleman’s Quarters Barber’s Parlor on 21st and Chestnut and you’ll be better than satisfied.