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Ron Artest Says Wearing Cookie Monster Clothing Is Just Like Coming Out Of The Closet

Whether it’s a free country or not, you should be free to act as you want to do as long as it’s not violent. No matter what it is. I came here in a Cookie Monster shirt because I wanted to, and I was going to wear the pants. But I thought you guys were going to judge me. I was going to wear the hat too. But I thought you guys would judge me. I didn’t want Mitch [Kupchak] to judge me. So that’s why I didn’t wear the hats and the pants. But I should’ve wore it. You should be free to do and act how you want to act.” ~ Ron Artest

Sometimes I get the feeling that Ron Artest is like one of the kids from the AT&T More is Better commercials. Like this rant about the Cookie Monster outfit sounds exactly like the girl who says faster is better because then you don’t get eaten by werewolves. Or the little girl who says “we want more, we want more.” Reporters walk in like, “Ron, is coming out of the closet better or worse than not coming out of the closet?” and just listen to the ensuing rant about Cookie Monster pants. Gonna be a sad day for the media when Ron Ron hangs em up.