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Bill Burr Brings Up More A+ Points About The NFL And Fuhrer Goodell

“The Commissioner could literally punt a baby across his office and I’d still watch on Sunday. This is football. It’s all I have.”

100% correct and then some. This is what I love about Bill Burr. Every mainstream host and personality tries to act all high and mighty about a situation pretending their moral standards trump all. This dude just bluntly tells it like it is. Seriously, what could the NFL do right now that would make you not watch on Sunday (besides kind of ruining the game with a trillion new rules on hitting and excessive penalties)? Maybe if the league was the legit front for NAMBLA or during the next ISIS beheading Goodell unmasks himself as the executioner ratings would take a slight dip. But anything less than that be honest with yourself. You’re still watching the games.

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