How To Hail A Cab In New York, According To Travel + Leisure

YahooWillie Sierra, a bellman at the Mandarin Oriental New York, shows us how to flag down a cab like areal New Yawker.

1. Step off the curb and extend your arm. It’s the best way to claim your corner. If the medallion number on the roof of the cab is lit up, it’s available.

2. Need a ride to the airport? Flap your arms like a bird. Pedestrians may stare, but hacks will get the message.

3. If you want a quick lift, make a “C” with your thumb and index finger—it means you’re looking for a “shorty.” You may even get an off-duty driver to pull over.

4. Tell the driver your destination after you get in and just give an intersection (only tourists name an exact address).

I was gonna blog this yesterday but I decided to sit on it 24 hours to see if Yahoo put up another post being like “Psyche!” I figured this had to be a troll blog or some sort of sarcastic post making fun of New York or something along those lines. But nope. As far as I can tell, this is chick from Travel and Leisure really posted this as a guide to hailing cabs. And I’ll tell you whats the best part – not the “C” thing to hail a “shorty.” That actually seems like a plausible story from back in the early days when cabs were invented or some shit. Not the flapping of your arms to signify the airport. The best part of this guide is “tell you driver your destination after you get in.” Really unlocking the secrets of taxis there.

PS – This seriously can’t be real right?