After Ripping San Antonio's 'Big Ass Women' Charles Barkley Roasted LeBron James For Missing The Playoffs

This got Charles Barkley going last night. I talked about his rivalry with the city of San Antonio and it’s just the best.

However, it really just led to Barkley feeling himself. He decided to set his sights on LeBron James and mocking him for missing the playoffs. Can’t say I blame him. It’s great for pageviews and viewers. Barkley wants to get LeBron in studio since he doesn’t have shit to do:


This is just peak Barkley though. The pause after the ‘you really saying he’s the one that has a coach and GM to hire.’ You can just see it in Barkley’s face here. You can also tell he’s biting his lip and hamming it up for the camera. I wish we let Barkley just go off right now.

Oh, of course though there were already exceptions being made for LeBron joining TNT. He gets to leave a certain time. He has to sit on the Iron Throne. He has to sit in the middle. It all sounds so familiar…

Let’s check in on how LeBron is handling his time off:

And of course he did a well actually: