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CAPTAIN AMERICA IS BACK! Patrick Kane Is Headed To The World Championships For USA

THIS is my Captain. This is my superstar. It would be so easy for Patrick Kane to quietly and respectfully decline to play for USA in the Worlds. He’s over 30. He did it last year. He could use this time to vacation or rest his body. He could’ve declined to work on his golf game…like some have done…allegedly. That’s not the Patrick Kane way. He is DYING to play hockey. He wants to play into the summer. That fire still burns in him. He answers the bell when called upon every single time. That is leadership. He will use that time to work on his game and play at the highest possible level at the moment. And when the training camp opens in September, you better believe Patrick Kane will be ready to put the team on his back again and lead that group back to the playoffs where he belongs.

And what do we get for him playing in the Worlds? Another two weeks of Kane highlights