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Marquette Went From A Top-5 Team To A Complete Disaster In One Weekend

It was so good just a few days ago:

You get the All-American back. You have a preseason top-5/10 team depending what you think of them. You return a guy in Howard who has a chance to lead the country in scoring to go with the Hauser brothers, a transfer in Coby McEwen that can let Markus Howard play off the ball too. You have a decent defensive core returning. You have roleplayers. This was a team that was a national title contender as of Friday.

Then today happened:

It was a huge surprise to hear the Hauser brothers will be transferring, especially with Sam not being a grad transfer. These are the 2nd and 3rd leading scorers from last year’s team. They let Marquette run the pick and pop with Howard. They can both shoot the shit out of the ball.

So now it begs the question. Who caused them to transfer? There’s clearly a problem with the Hauser’s and either Wojo/Howard/Marquette in the locker room. That’s the only explanation here. You don’t just leave a national title contender where you’re the 2nd and 3rd option for no reason.

Oh and who is a favorite to land the Hauser brothers?

Finally Virginia starting to catch a break. Wisconsin is also rumored to be in the mix for the Hauser’s, so naturally our guy Dekker chiming in to rile up the entire state: