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5 Year Old Girl Suffers From Disease Which Makes Her Hungry All The Time

Daily Mail- A mother has to keep her five-year-old daughter locked out of the kitchen at all times – because a rare condition means she could eat herself to death. Ava Carvey has Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) which leaves her constantly hungry meaning the family kitchen has to be kept behind bars. Her mother, Marika Carvey, 35, has to keep Ava on a strict low calorie diet to prevent her overeating. Mrs Carvey, from Bromley, said: ‘If Ava had access to the food, she would eat whatever she could lay her hands on. ‘She’s not just permanently hungry – she’s ravenous. If there’s food on the floor, she’ll pick it up and eat it, and if someone else has food she wants theirs too. She’ll even take food away and hide it. ‘It’s scary because if we didn’t watch her she’d eat until her she made herself sick. ‘When she gets older we will have to put locks on the fridge and cupboards too. Ava was diagnosed with the genetic condition at just nine-weeks-old after doctors noticed she was failing to feed and move around properly.  ‘PWS sufferers are prone to tantrums, so if we go out to eat we have to be very careful. I’ll ask the waiters to give her a smaller portion, and as soon as we finish a meal at a restaurant, we have to leave immediately.  ‘If she noticed other people’s food she’d start getting upset – or try and eat the leftovers. ‘If we go to parties with a buffet it can be a bit of nightmare. She’ll just stand by the table and eat whatever she wants on it. We have to watch her like a hawk and often have to leave if she doesn’t get what she wants.’

So what you’re telling me is that this gluttonous little bitch suffers from a disease that makes her feel like me and every other guy on the planet does? Big fuckin deal toots. You’re always hungry huh? Last night I had a grilled cheese, a donut and a milkshake delivered to my apartment at like 10pm. I have a specific cookie delivery service called Insomnia on speed dial. Oh you eat food off the floor? Congrats, bitch. Its called the 5 second rule. The whole fuckin world does that. I ate half a black and white cookie out of the garbage the other day. You get upset when you see other people’s food? Literally happens to me every time I go out to eat. I order eggs and bacon at the diner and the minute the pancakes arrive at the table for someone else I wanna kill myself. You don’t see me running around saying I suffer from a disease. Just because you’re a spoiled fatso little girl doesn’t mean you’re gonna get my sympathy. I can’t speak for women out there but I’m pretty sure every guy out there agree with me that Prader-Willi Syndrome is just called “life.”

And I gotta blame the parents for catering to their daughter and blaming it on some made up disease. They simply can’t control this fat little monster. Just gotta treat this hungry little broad like you treat a dog. They jump up at the buffet and try to grab food that doesn’t belong to them, you scold them. Hit her with a newspaper or kick her out of the house for a little while or do whatever you gotta do to make her realize she can’t eat everything in sight. Either that or just shut her up and let her eat and get fat as fuck. Thats what we do over here in America. We may be obese and diabetic but at least we’re not pussies running around crying about made up hunger diseases.