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Cale Makar Was Eating At A Dining Hall Last Week And Now Is Running One Of The Avs Power Play Units

Holy shit does life come at you quick. Last week, Cale Makar was probably sitting in Berk dining hall (which is fantastic to say the least) thinking about the homework he didn’t do for his upcoming economics class, now the 20-year-old Hobey Baker winner is running the Colorado Avalanche’s 2nd powerplay unit ahead of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Cale Makar is a stud, maybe one of the best college hockey players in the past 15 or so year. I haven’t seen someone as dominate as him since Jack Eichel and before that? From Paul Kariya. A defenseman has never led the NCAA in points, not once in all of college hockey history. Well, Makar was one point away from breaking that record, so that should go to show how good and rare of a talent this kid actually is.

It’s just funny to think about. I have seen what life is like in the UMass dorms and I have been in an NHL locker room and they are two COMPLETELY different places. That isn’t to take anything away from UMass, I used to love spending weekends on couches in SouthWest. But the resources this kid will have access to playing for an NHL franchise will be first class.

We can also discuss the ticket he signed. I love hearing stories of guys who signed at the end of their college season and getting their first signing bonus check. Makar went from probably asking the boys to venmo him for the beers that night to instantly being able to shut down any bar within a 50 mile radius of UMass with that $90k bonus.