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Teen Mom Farrah Sells Her Sex Tape For Nearly $1 Million

NY PostFarrah Abraham’s fame-boosting sex tape has reportedly been sold for nearly $1 million. Abraham, who told Dr. Phil that she would need more than $2 million for the tape to go public, has settled for a deal with Vivid Entertainment in the “high six figures,” according to TMZ. The 70-minute tape is reportedly titled, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.” Last week, she was caught walking out of the porn company’s building with her visibly uncomfortable dad and her 4-year-old daughter Sophia in tow.

My interest in this Teen Mom sex tape just went from a 6/10 to a fucking 15 with that title. Like my first reaction was pure disgust and jealousy that this trashbag got paid upwards of like 900,000 bucks to fuck on camera. Pure hatred that she was gonna get money like that. But then I saw the title Backdoor Teen Mom and I was like “Vivid Video you cheap bastards!!” Teen Mom Farrah getting F’d in the A is worth at least $2 mil!” Truth be told I have no idea how the whole porn industry works. Vivid pays her $1 million so that I can inevitably watch it for free somewhere else on the internet? Not sure how that benefits Vivid really. But I guess if there are squares out there who still pay for music on iTunes there are pervs out there who will still pay to see Teen Mom do anal. And I just bought Little Red Corvette by Prince a couple days ago so, yes, I’ll probably end up paying to watch Teen Mom Farrah go backdoor.