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Isles-Pens Game 3 Will Be The First Nationally Televised Islanders Game In 20 Years

NYISkinny –  Isles/Pens Game 3 on NBC…and that in itself is news, as least from an Islander perspective. Best I can tell, it will be the first time the Isles are televised coast-to-coast in the United States on an over-the-air telecast since May 16, 1993, which was game 1 of the Islanders-Canadiens series, coming 36 hours (or so) after David Volek eliminated the Penguins. The Isles have had some national TV (ABC/NBC/FOX) games since, but I believe that all have been regional telecasts. For the Penguins on the other hand, it will be their first coast-to-coast telecast since March 17th. (Pittsburgh was shown by NBC nationally 3x, and also appeared in a regional telecast on the opening day of the NHL season.)

Holy moly. 20 years. Seems crazy that back in 2007 and their other brief playoff appearances in the 2000s that they didn’t have a coast-to-coast game. But with all the NHL popularity issues I guess this makes sense. The last time the Islanders played in front of the entire country John Tavares was 2 years old. Absolutely bananas.

Gonna be a hell of a coming out party for JT and the rest of the boys at the Coliseum. Nice and early Sunday at noon this bandwagon goes coast to motherfucking coast! beLIeve!


(Purchase order by today to have in time for Game 3 at the Coliseum)