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God (Yes, God) Flew A Banner With A Message Over Jim Harbaugh's Open Practice On Saturday

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.31.27 PM

For those of you who cannot read, “Hey Jim, This Is God – – – It’s Ok To Pass On 1st Down. Let’s Try It.”

Now, in my opinion, this is a fair assessment from our friend up top, The G-Man, God.

The good news for God, not that he needs any, is Harbaugh has given up his play-calling responsibilities to Josh Gattis, the new OC from Alabama.

You have to agree with God on this. At points in Michigan’s season last year, the lack of creativity from Harbaugh was astounding. When you have a capable QB like Shea Patterson in your backfield, running on every 1st Down doesn’t make much sense. Last year, Alabama had an adjusted run rate (an attempt to measure the intent of play-calling by looking at standard downs and passing downs run rates and calibrating so that every team has the same amount of each type of down) of 46.9%, the 37th lowest in America. Michigan’s adjusted run rate was 57%, the 25th highest in America. I’d expect to see Michigan throw the ball a lot more this season and in turn, God will be happy.