MLS Player Was Given A Red Card For Kicking The Ball In The Stands And Drilling A Fan In The Face

[ESPN] - Kaku, whose full name is Alejandro Romero Gamarra, fired a ball from close range into the first few rows of seats in the 93rd minute. The ball struck a fan, who was left dazed with a bloody face and received medical attention, a source told ESPN.

Wait, hold on. This is a red card? (We can say this because the fan is okay and healthy). That seems a bit outrageous for a bit of bad luck. Now, I understand you can’t be firing balls into the stands, but a straight red card for this? He was clearly trying to kick it into the signage and caught too much.

Imagine if this happened in any other sport though. People would be outraged. There’d be a million talking heads arguing about how much he should be suspended or fined. I bet someone would say he should never play the game again because of the disrespect towards the fans.


Now call me old, but I remember the old days of being in the stands or a cameraman meant you were potentially getting kicked or punched:

Just know to keep a head on a swivel at an MLS game. Never know when a ball comes flying at your dome from the field.