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Happy 21st Tyler Seguin


Whoops…Wrong Seguin.  That’s his sister.  My bad.  And yes for the millions of people who emailed me today asking me if I knew that she existed give me some credit.  I probably knew Tyler Seguin had a sister before he did.   I’ve just tried to ignore it for as long as I could, but I’m sick of getting emails like this today after Tyler retweeted her.

Reader Email

You’ve been following this girl for how long now?  Keeping it secret or is she not 18?  If she’s over 18 then a big FUCK YOU for your selfishness!


Listen I’m trying to be a team player here.  This isn’t Barstool Junior. Seguin is a Boston guy.   I figured he probably didn’t want us making his little sister into a sex symbol.  If he gets traded all bets are off but until then he lives under the protection of the Stool and she’s dead to me.