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Full Throttle Hooper!


GrindTV – A fisherman off Panama was battling a huge black marlin when the battle took a turn for the worse. The fish sank the boat. Not all the details are in, but apparently the captain began backing down on the huge fish, a common practice in big-game fishing when a fish is taking line. He puts the boat in reverse to chase the fish. One commenter on Marlin Magazine’s Facebook post who apparently had some knowledge of the incident said that the captain fell as he was backing down on the fish at full throttle. The boat took on too much water and, finally, there was no correcting the situation.


The only reason I posted this blog was because of the title.   The guy who sent me this story had “Full Throttle Hooper” in the subject line and I laughed out loud instantly.  Because in my humble estimation there is no more sure fire way to get laughs than a well timed Jaws quote.  It works 1 million percent of the time.