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Japan Coming In Extra Hot With The Wearable Futon Suit



DailyMail – The somewhat bizarre Wearable Futon Air Mat Set was created by Tokyo-based Japanese office supply manufacturer King Jim. It can be fastened at the neck and the bottoms of the legs fold up to adjust for different heights. This can also change the fit of the ‘coat’ depending on the season. The pack includes an air mat to provide a full blanket and futon set so you don’t necessarily have to sleep on the ground with the wearable futon by itself

Well suck me sideways. Japan, always known for changing the game, has just done the unthinkable again and changed the game. The wearable futon suit is, for a lack of a better phrase, swagged out to the fullest. We’ve seen the wearable sleeping bag before but you can’t be snapping necks and cashing checks in anything that has a hood on it. This right here is Wall Street meets Sleepy’s. At first I saw the headline about a wearable bed but then I saw this dude up top and thought to myself, “just what in the heck are they talking about? That’s no bed, that’s just a really slick suit”. The thing just drips sex. The cuff on the pant leg is fresh, the wizard sleeve is fashion forward and you can wear this in any type of setting and nobody will ever even bat an eye. Versatile in every sense of the word.


Looks like the most comfortable time of my life.