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Phil Mickelson Firing Shots At Lousy Tipper Matt Kuchar As He Drives Up Magnolia Lane Is Simply Incredible


Shots fired! Shots fired! Go off, Phil Mickelson! Just when Matt Kuchar probably hoped most people had forgotten about the time he stiffed that caddie down in Mexico, Lefty brings it up as he drives down Magnolia Lane on Saturday at the Masters and tweets it out to his 300,000 followers. That was honestly incredible. Chirped the shit outta Kuchar on moving day at the biggest golf tournament in the world.

I would love to know what Kuchar says to Mickelson when he first sees him today at Augusta National. Does Matt Kuchar laugh off the ball busting or does he ice Phil out and not talk to him the whole round? Maybe a white guy scuffle breaks out somewhere on Amen Corner? A big part of me thinks Kuchar will ice him out all day. The whole El Tucan saga caused Kuchar’s reputation as Nice Guy Goofy Dad Who Wears Skechers to take big hit so I can’t imagine he loves having it brought up in such a public way. Phil’s Twitter is hit or miss for me overall but this was a direct hit. A bomb, if you will.