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Never A Good Idea To Bet John Daly $100 He Can't Make A Putt When He's Standing Right Outside A Hooters

Is the guy who made this bet the dumbest person to ever live? I work at Barstool Sports and I know some bad gamblers but even none of them would make that bet with John Daly. Think about it, Daly could not be more in his element than in that specific moment. He’s standing outside the Augusta Hooters next to his RV wearing flip fops, Arkansas Razorback gear, smoking a cigarette and probably has a pretty strong buzz going. That’s home turf for John Daly so to think he’s not going to sink a putt right in your stupid face for $100 is the dumbest thing in history. And what happened? Daly sank the putt to raucous applause and took the guy’s money. JD grabbing the $100 and walking away was gangster.