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No Money, More Winners

It was a very weird night last night as I didn’t know much about what was going on in sports because the bookie shut me off for the week. It was nice for a little bit but I had nothing to think about. That tweet above is pretty much the only thing I thought about all day. Starting today I will be keeping track of my record because once I get turned back on I am going on a streak. Our guy Brandon Walker is learning quick how tough it is to win at Barstool. We both went 1-2 last night. I want to give you one winner that I believe in.


Spurs @ Nuggets -5.5

The Nuggets finished up second in the West which is huge for them. They haven’t been relevant in six years since the last time they made the playoffs and now they are about to have an impact on them. Jamal Murray will have a big night if they just stay composed. This Spurs team is like the intimural team that you hate to play because they aren’t superstars but they are just fundamentally sound. They have a lot of experience on the Spurs and if the Nuggets can just contain Derozan they have this in the bag. I think the atmosphere will be electric and just because they haven’t been to the playoffs in so long they treat this game like the NBA finals. Nuggets win by 10.


Pick Denver -5.5

Please be positive with me during these hard times. I decided I am putting this bet on my friends account because what the fuck else am I going to do.