James Holzhauer Now Has The Two Highest Scoring Games In Jeopardy History And May Be A Trivia Robot

Another day, another absolute curbstomping of contestants by Big Brain James. If it seems like yesterday I blogged about James breaking the record for a single Jeopardy game, you are wrong. I did it two full days ago.


For people that don’t feel like opening another window and giving me a cheap click, the long and short of it is that Roger Craig set the record 9 years ago.


Before James blew that record the fuck out of the water by being the first person to ever crack 6 digits in one regular Jeopardy game.


And then bumped Craig another spot down the record book after tonight’s beatdown

IMG_4654 2

Which has led to this absurd amount of money after only 7 games

IMG_4655 2

At $415,035, James moves to #4 on the all-time regular-play winnings list (passing Austin Rogers and Matt Jackson), and #14 all-time overall.
James’ $22,012 is a record for a player after the Jeopardy! round. The previous best score that I’ve been able to find is $16,800, from Matt Jackson on October 8, 2015.

via Jeopardy Fans.

That is outright ridiculous and I don’t know when it’s going to stop. We are heading to a point where the Jeopardy high score record books are just going to be a list of James Holzhauer’s best games like it’s Wilt Chamberlain on the NBA high score list.


God dammit Wilt was as dominant on the hardwood as he was on his Leesa mattress

James clearly has a supercomputer brain bigger than that bitch Watson, the guts that comes with being a professional gambler that lives in Vegas, and the heart to shout out his wife’s anniversary and kids birthday any time he needs to bet thousands of dollars because he doesn’t give a FUCK. And in case that wasn’t enough, the intimidation factor is going to start setting in. I couldn’t imagine being a Jeopardy contestant waiting my whole life for a shot to get on the show on go on a winning run only to be greeted by a quiet, calculating player that can end the game with a hot start and a couple of Daily Doubles. It’s like facing The Mountain in combat. If you don’t have some piss dripping from your leg before the showdown begins, you are probably just too scared to realize you are about to die.

I could delve into my theory that James is a trivia robot that the Jeopardy producers kept in storage until they felt he was needed, which I think we all did after Alex Trebek’s cancer revelation.

But for now I am just going to sit back and wait for James to pick off every Jeopardy record until he reaches the Big Dog.