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The Top 10 Rough N Rowdy Moments EVER + Countdown Cat Take Us Into The Weekend

RnR 8 Fighter + Blogger Matchup Cards

Ring girls, Raccoon boys, 5 second knockouts, old men fighting in jeans and the list goes on and on. Rough N Rowdy never ceases to amaze and it always adds a new level of absurdity each time out. I couldn’t be more pumped for our West Virginia return next week and I have no doubt RnR 8 is gonna raise the bar once again. Impossible not to with the 6 Main Events we have lined up next Friday.

We got returning fighters all over the card including one of my all-time favorites from RnR 6/7, Thor Smash. Dude is an authentically scary motherfucker and somehow he’s an underdog in his fight. That’s what Travis Turman can do to grown men. Really can’t wait to see that raw power of Jeans return either. True legends of the game are coming for that ass and holding nothing back in 7 days.

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