Tufts Student Claims Senior Night Is Discriminatory Because It's Being Held At +21 Venue

TuftsDaily – The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Judiciary will hear senior Anjuli Branz’s complaint tomorrow against the Senior Class Council for its selection of Senior Night venues that are restricted to students 21 and older. If the TCU Judiciary decides Branz’s complaint qualifies as discrimination, the Senior Class Council will have to find a site that accommodates seniors, regardless of their age, a feat that the Council said is not feasible given budget and space constraints. Though Branz said she does not want Senior Nights to be cancelled, she said it is important to ensure that there is no discrimination in any Tufts event. Finding a venue that does not preclude seniors younger than 21 is not the responsibility of those students, Branz said.“If someone in our class was in a wheelchair and we went to a place that wasn’t wheelchair accessible, people wouldn’t be okay with that,” she said. “I believe there are ways to make Senior Nights exist and not be discriminatory, but I hope I’m right about that and it can become a reality.” Branz will not be 21 by Senior Week this May. “I don’t think it’s fair for me to feel like less of a senior because I won’t be 21,” she said. “All events that are branded as senior events should be open to all seniors. It shouldn’t be that certain people can’t go because of certain elements of their identity.” “There’s a difference between being understanding and not perpetuating discrimination on this campus of any kind,” she said. “It’s a little frustrating that we can’t see this as we’re all students and have compassion for one another.”

Tufts doing it big again.  First the Lax team and now this.  I mean Jesus Fucking Christ. Get a fake ID if you want to go Senior Night so fucking bad. And who isn’t 21 by the time they graduate college anyway? What type of fucked up shit is that? In fact I think I smell a fucking rat. I bet this is A KO Barstool chick who is actually 21 and is pretending to be 20 just so she can protest some shit and rain on everybody’s parade. Because only a KO Barstool chick would pull a stunt like this. They thrive on ruining fun wherever fun may exist. Not to mention the fact that if she actually wins her appeal it won’t be too uncomfortable or anything when she shows up at the dry Senior Night where everybody is miserable all because of her. Wedgie city.