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And the Pussification of America Continues: 5 Year Old In Hyannis Faces Suspension For Building A Lego Gun

HYANNISA 5-year-old student at Hyannis West Elementary School is facing possible suspension from after-school day care for building a toy gun out of Legos. When Sheila Cruz picked up her son Joseph from the day care program Thursday, a staff member told her he was reprimanded for playing with the gun made from the popular, plastic building blocks, Cruz said Tuesday. “They said it’s a threat to the other children,” Cruz said during an interview at her home, a short distance from the school. Although her son had been in trouble a few weeks earlier for pointing his finger as if it were a gun, Cruz said she hadn’t heard any other complaints about his behavior. Joseph, who pointed the Lego gun at other students and made shooting sounds, received several verbal reminders that he must be safe and respectful before he was formally reprimanded, Barnstable schools Superintendent Mary Czajkowski said Tuesday. “At least five verbal reminders of proper, respectful and safe behavior were given,” she said. Other students became uncomfortable and moved away from Joseph because of his behavior, she said. Parents likely would be concerned if a child came home and told them that another student pointed a toy gun at them during school, Czajkowski said. “Part of this is sending a message that we take this seriously, and whether it’s guns, whether it’s violence, whether it’s being disrespectful, every child has a right to come to school in a safe learning environment,” Czajkowski said. “We have to provide that.”

Guess what? The more I read of this story the more I started to hate this kid. Like it’s one thing to randomly build a lego gun and get suspended out of the blue for it. But two weeks ago he was fake pointing a gun at kids. His teachers keep telling him to stop. He won’t. Kids are feeling uncomfortable. He still won’t stop. Fuck him then. I think this school superintendent actually made sense. If your teachers tell you to stop pointing fake guns at people 5 times and you don’t listen well that’s on you then. This wasn’t about guns in schools. This was about respect. This kids sounds like a jackass.