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I Have An Announcement to Make- Daisy Ridley Is My New #1 Chick In the World

So the new Star Wars trailer came out today. Well little known fact. I'm a huge Star Wars guy. I wasn't so much growing up but I've loved the new ones and it stops and starts with Daisy Ridely. I fucking love her.  People always ask me who my #1 Dream girl is and ever since Candice Swanepoel got pregnant I really haven't had an answer. Well now I do.  My new #1 dream girl is Daisy Ridley.  I'm obsessed with her.  This is who I'd want to go on a date with, marry, fuck etc.   Why am I telling you this?  Because this is a big fucking moment.  I mean through the annals of Barstool I've only had 5 girls maintain my #1 ranking with Daisy becoming the 5th.  It's a huge honor and one that hopefully Daisy "Portnoy" Ridley takes very seriously.   Welcome to this illustrious club Daisy.


Dave Portnoy's #1's Throughout History

Kristn Kreuk 2004 - 2008


Reef Girl 2008-2010  (I haven't been able to find this girl for a decade.  She's in some random Reef Girl video and it's vanished from the internet)


Jessica Biel 2010- 2012


Candice Swanepoel 2012 - 2018


Daisey Ridley 2019-TBD