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KFC Radio Episode 38 Part 2 - How Much Money Would You Need To Sell Out And Root For Your Most Hated Rival?

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So this was the big question of the week on KFC Radio. In my situation it would be selling out on the Mets, joining the Evil Empire to root for the Yankees, watching the Mets go on to win back to back World Series titles, and the whole world of Barstool and Mets fans everywhere know I’m a sell out. That, my friends, would need to be an exorbitant amount of money. My gut reaction was that there’s no amount of money for that. And while I admit that childish when we’re posing this hypothetical as “name your price” but good Lord almighty thats a seriously tough trade off. Money comes and goes. I don’t think of myself as that greedy. Whereas sports is like my life. Hating the Yankees and suffering along side the Mets is basically what defines me as a person. I’ve waited my whole life for the Mets to win a World Series. To jump ship and watch them win 2 while rooting for scumbags in Pinstripes with the whole world laughing at me calling me a sell out, it could potentially ruin my life. But obviously the question is someone puts a briefcase of cash in front of you. Whats gotta be inside there to make all the shame and pain worth it?

My starting point for this Deal with the Devil would be $100 million cash. Thats where I would begin to maybe consider it. My rationale being that I fully understand my life would be 500% miserable after this. No amount of money would make me happy again. But maybe a large enough sum of money where I know absolutely all my family would be set for a couple generations, just maybe I could die a martyr. Convince myself that while I gave up my own life’s happiness, at least I brought some happiness to everyone else. But as far as an amount of money making me happy after that trade, there is no amount.

PS – Last week I had absolutely no problem putting a fucking baby in a microwave for $100,000. This week I’m saying I wouldnt cheer for a different baseball team for $100,000,000. That sums up my life.