The Footage Of Derrick Rose Finding Out He Got Traded To The Knicks Is Some Real Shit

I talked about this on Tuesday’s show with B.J. Armstrong, and how the fact that this footage was even caught is incredible. Sometimes it’s rare to even get any emotions relayed to the public about how a player feels about his franchise trading him in general.

Let alone the youngest MVP winner in NBA history who just so happened to be living out his dream playing in the city he was born in. That “You lying!” that Derrick dropped as soon as B.J. broke the news was the realest thing ever.

The trade was still the right move for both the Bulls and D Rose, but I can vividly remember getting that roller coaster feeling in my stomach when I heard that it was official. Couldn’t imagine how hard Derrick’s heart dropped. Probably felt like it was flying off the Giant Drop without a seatbelt.