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People That Wrote To The Paper Saying Calipari's Contract Is A 'Mistake' And 'Kids Need To Stay In School' Can Firmly Kiss My Ass

Alright, so apparently people are morons. I understand that. This is the world we live in. People are dumb as shit. But, this. This chaps my ass more than I care to admit.

These are two letters to the Lexington Herald-Leader talking about Calipari’s contract extension. These are what we like to call people that can firmly kiss my hairy, white ass.

First up:

[Herald Leader] – 


First, I am a loyal University of Kentucky basketball fan and I like UK Wildcats Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart.

I also think that the next job men’s basketball Coach John Calipari should take in his life is as an athletic director at some college. He has great marketing charisma. He sells himself well. I do not consider him a great basketball coach. I consider him a good basketball coach.

His old-school way of coaching is outdated. I am much older than Calipari. My three children are in their fifties. I am old school when I talk to them.

Calipari started going downhill when Bob Huggins outcoached him with West Virginia when we had DeMarcus Cousins and that great team. He got outcoached when Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky and that group got us.

The first four or five games this year when we were supposed to be playing so-called cupcake teams, we looked awful. Calipari seems to always dwell on one player he tries to develop all year along.

He is not the perfect coach. He is 60 years old and his way is going to get more outdated as he goes along.

Wake up, Barnhart and President Eli Capilouto. Lifetime is not the answer.

Ronald V. Henry, Lexington

This fucking asshat Ronald. If you sign a letter to the paper with your middle name you flat out stink. If you call that person outdated while you have three children in their fifties. So this person is in their late 70s/early 80s. What the fuck does this person know? Of course this person hates the way Calipari coaches. Probably sitting here talking about how Adolph Rupp would have these kids winning title after title.

Now option No. 2:


University of Kentucky’s loss to Auburn is another good example of why UK Wildcats Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart should tell men’s basketball Coach John Calipari to recruit kids to stay in school. If Barnhart won’t do that, fire him and Coach Cal.

There are a lot of great athletic directors and basketball coaches out there.

Cal sings the same old song every year: “We got outcoached and outplayed.” Kids who are 18 and 19 years old are not strong enough physically or mentally to win tough, close games. They start off strong but can’t maintain that desire the whole game.

Marvin McFaddin, Paintsville

Alright, Marvin. Listen up. You can get the fuck out of here. Go cheer for Eastern Kentucky or some shit if you want someone to be here for four years. Because you know what that means? You’re not getting the best talent. Call me crazy but I’ll take the best talent as much as possible. Sure, some dudes slip through the cracks like a De’Andre Hunter. But, more often than not talent wins out.

Oh, you know what else Kentucky could have again? Billy fucking Gillispie. He had dudes that were going to be in college for four years. Let’s go back to that. Let’s go back to not making the Elite 8 7 times a decade. Let’s go back to not making 4 Final Fours in a decade. You know who else has 4 Final Fours in the last 10 seasons? No one.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. If you don’t think John Calipari should be the head coach at Kentucky you’re fucking banned. You don’t deserve to watch games and you can kiss my ass on the way out the door. Looking at you Marv.

Just going to leave this graph here for no real reason besides facts.