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Lil Poopy Is About To Put Boston On The Rap Map


I’ve had it up to here with people saying Boston doesn’t have any street cred. That we never churn out good rappers because everyone here is white, Irish racists. It’s like we get totally ignored in the East Coast vs. West Coast beefs. Good rappers only come from NYC and LA? Maybe a little Atlanta and New Orleans? Maybe if you’ve never heard of Lil Poopy you’d believe that. Hottest rhymes out of a 9 year old from New England’s mouth you ever heard. Hot bitches on his arm. Sick cars in his driveway. Kid is already a star and he knows it. Do ya thing, Poopy! Coke ain’t a bad word!

Just next time maybe don’t wear a Sox hat with a Braves jacket and think I won’t notice that you look like a fucking moron.