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Koalas May Go Extinct Because Of STDs

BBC – The koala is unique to Australia and is an important symbol of the country. But numbers are plummeting and the survival of koalas is under threat. One of the reasons is the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia. One of the most common places to find koalas in Australia these days is in the hospital. About 50 miles (80km) north of Brisbane, at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, a female koala is under a mild anaesthetic. “She’s quite an old girl – I think she’s over 10 years,” says veterinary surgeon Amber Gillett. The koala is called Penny. Gillett puts some ultrasound gel in Penny’s pouch and looks at the ultrasound machine. She’s checking her bladder for symptoms of chlamydia. Outside the clinic are a series of open-air enclosures. These are the “koala wards” – and they are pretty much full all-year round. Last year, Gillett and her team treated about 300 koalas for chlamydia – and so far, 2013 has been a busy year too. In people, chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease. A different strain infects koalas, but it too can be spread sexually, and it’s causing a devastating epidemic. In some parts of Australia, koala infection rates are as high as 90%. Many have to be put down, and about half of females are left infertile – which means fewer koalas are being born. Last year the Australian government listed koalas in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory as a threatened species, and some are even warning the animal could face extinction if more is not done to protect it.

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