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Rapper Arrested For Threatening To "Shoot The Whole Campus Up" In A Song

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“Florida rapper known as Jun Jun has been arrested on a charge of threatening to commit a mass shooting after he posted a song online featuring the lyrics “catch you at a Gator game and shoot the whole campus up,” according to media reports.

Christopher Maurice McCallum, 26, of Ocala, was arrested Tuesday over the track, which was posted to Facebook on March 22, the Gainesville Sun reported.

On the song, McCallum verbally targets his apparent foes with threats of violence and crass insults. Such songs, known as diss tracks, are common in the hip-hop culture but the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is alleging that McCallum’s lyrics went beyond free speech to constitute a real-life threat against the University of Florida.”

Yikes, not great! Classic scenario of a potential hit song coming off the tracks and never coming back. For every “Old Town Road” there must be 100 “shoot up the campus”‘s that don’t come off the hand the way you want them to. At this point, Jun Jun definitely knows he screwed up and probably wants this lyric back. Let me tell you from experience, being a rapper is hard! So instead of just blogging about how dumb this decision was, I thought I might wax poetic on the struggles trying to make it in the rap game.

After college I lived in my parent’s basement for a few years and worked a normal job while trying to make music videos and blow up in the rap game (yeah I know… I know). Contrary to the popular belief that being a college graduate getting your bars off while your parents sleep upstairs is the coolest situation possible, there is nothing glamorous about that life. There’s actually quite a few hurdles.

The first one is making people think you’re cool while living in your parent’s basement. This is by far the hardest problem to solve! Why do people like music artists? Well some of them are extremely talented and skilled at making music, which… well that wasn’t what I would call my strong suit. The other reason people get interested in artists, is because they represent some type of badass person who operates outside the bounds of society like Lil Wayne or Tupac. That’s all great to strive for but its a tough task when you have to look your parents in the face while you eat some of the pizza they ordered to eat while they watch the Blues game. Its also really tough to talk about banging girls, gun violence, or being the kingpin of any sort of illegal drug operations you are trying to convince listeners you’re running when you have to remind your mom that you’re out of the Jack Cheese you make your omelets with in the morning.

The second one is making money to make stickers, shoot videos, make merch, or buy recording equipment. Nobody tells you how expensive its gonna be to try and get cool cameras and well edited videos to try and make people think you’re a pro rapper. Nobody tells you that if you spend 80 dollars on a mic and use Garageband, it will REALLY sound like you spent 80 dollars on a mic and used Garageband.

Getting your friends to be in videos or film stuff in public places is next to impossible. When I watched MTV Sucker Free Sunday growing up it seemed really easy to get a shitload of people, throw a giant party with a ton of hot chicks, and get some really cool footage. In real life, it was much harder and people who have real jobs surprisingly don’t want to be in rap videos. Crazy right? Nobody wants to be in the videos until you have a lot of views and followers but you don’t get views and followers until you have really cool videos. Its such a paradox!

The last hurdle is finding cool stuff to say in your raps, and our friend Jun Jun must have been feeling that pressure pretty strong here to pull out some verbage like this. You just can’t say that in 2019 bro! You just can’t! That’s going to get you jammed up 100 times out of 100!