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The Cubs Absolutely Must Sign This Nun Who Just Threw GAS At The Cardinals Game

Listen I don’t want to help out our rivals too much, but I will admit I’ve been paying attention to the standings. Let me tell you folks, I’ve been seeing some subpar results for one of the top 2 most storied franchises teams in all of Chicago. I mean things aren’t great right now but that doesn’t mean things can’t turn around right?

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 10.55.08 PM

3-8 is better than being 2-9 AND better than being 1-10! So let’s not act like the sky is falling here ok? Its way more fun when a one side of a rivalry has a pulse which is why I’m being a good sport and sending this video straight to the Cubs scouting department.

Clem blogged her first pitch back in August and it looks like she has stayed ready over the winter. I love a comeback story and when no one picked her up after her last first pitch showing, she must have decided that it wasn’t a reason to give up, it was a reason to work harder. Which is why I think she’d be a great fit for a team that went over ONE HUNDRED years between winning championships. Just because you got a bullpen that can’t strike out a little league team doesn’t mean you can’t sign a big name free agent and right the ship.

(Any Cardinals blog I do for at least the next 100 days will include this video. Even if it has no connection at all, its so goddamn funny)